UNEDITED -Download MP4 Video of Your Flappers Comedy Club Set (HD Quality) (EMAILED)

$ 30.00

Would you like a video of your last show you did at Flappers? You're in luck, for just $30 you will receive a copy of your latest set in HD quality within 7-10 days of your paid order. Perfect for YouTube, your website, or e-mailing, this is a file suitable for editing.  You will receive the Video Download link from
within 7-10 days from the email SoundBooth@Flapperscomedy.com .  Please check your Junk and spam filters frequently if you do not receive within 7-10 days please give us a call at 818-845-9721

If you want an edited version, or a copy of your set on a Data Disc, which will give you the raw Highest Resolution file that you can give to your editor, we will add $10.00 to the price of this order. (You can only purchase a Copy of your own set- not the entire show) 

For Rush Orders Processed within (24 Hours) please add $10. 

Want a set from a while ago? No problem, we archive all of our shows! Don't miss out on that next gig because you don't have a current video! Get your video and start promoting today!

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