Location Parking Information and Directions

Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
102 E. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA 91505
Corner of First & Magnolia in Downtown Burbank (AMC BUILDING ACROSS FROM SEARS)
Main Telephone Number: 818-845-9721
ON SITE PRIMARY CONTACT: Barbara Holliday- Emergency Cell: 818-679-2272


There is a 20 minute Yellow Loading Zone on First Street Just outside the Yoo Hoo Room entrance with parking for two vehicles or one large truck. Equipment can be brought in and stored in the Yoo Hoo Room. After 6pm Headliners, Celebrities or Executives can park here for the remainder of the evening. If an executive or headliner would like to park in this space but there are vehicles there call the main office at 818-845-9721 and we will move the vehicle so the headliners may park there.


Free parking for cast and crew arriving prior to 11am is best in the parking lot on Magnolia Blvd. (Ross Parking Lot) Just after you come over the Magnolia Bridge and you see Flappers on the corner turn right into the first parking lot. This lot does fill up quickly...so after 11am we suggest parking at ASHLEY FURNITURE OR THE SEARS PARKING LOT DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET (CORNER OF FIRST AND MAGNOLIA)***


There is plenty of Free Parking in Downtown Burbank. Flappers is located at the Corner of First & Magnolia Blvd. ASHLEY FURNITURE OR THE SEARS PARKING LOT DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET (CORNER OF FIRST AND MAGNOLIA)***


Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant is a full service BAR and Restaurant. We have a full dinner menu including Burgers, Pizza, Steaks and Salmon. Not your average comedy club food---we are real restaurant. We offer morning and afternoon craft services options including Bagels and Cream Cheese, Granola Bars, Bottled Water, Hot Coffee & Tea, Hot Chocolate. We can also cater your crew and guest lunches, ask to see our special events menu. Seating for Lunch: Bar and Patio, Yoo Hoo Room, Mainroom and Yoo Lobby are all available for lunch seating.
Lunch Catering for Crew: We will setup Lunch for Crew on the Kitchen Line at the designated Time. Our kitchen is not open during the day to the public, only per special request. We open for business to the general public at 5pm Tuesday through Sunday 5pm-2am.



Bathrooms: Men and Women's restrooms are located in the Yoo Hoo Lobby as well as one additional restroom at the end of the Bar area.
Green Room: There is a Green Room Located in the back of the Kitchen area which contains a small fridge filled with Bottled Water and a television with a Feed to the Main showroom.
Holding Areas: Our Main Lobby, Bar and Patio, and Yoo Hoo Lobby can hold up to 150 people and guests can hold or wait here before going into the showrooms.
Bar Area: Has four Televisions with a feed on one that links to the main showroom, small stage, amplifier, speakers and microphone.

Patio: Seating for 40 and 32 inch Television with Direct TV and CD Music Player.
Private Celebrity Entrance: There is a cage entrance in the back of the kitchen where celebrities can enter the building without going through any public areas. They can enter and go right to the green room, or showrooms. This entrance is located in the Magnolia Blvd Ross Parking lot directly adjacent to Flappers. There is a buzzer just outside the cage, press buzzer and someone will come to open the door.

Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed in downtown Burbank or on Flappers Premises. Guests may cross the street on First and Magnolia and walk over to the DO NOT ENTER Sign and smoke there (This is technically Glendale therefore you can smoke there)


There is an enclosed sound booth located in the back of the room, with a small window to the main show room. We have a Three HD SONY Video Cameras, One with a direct shot the main room stage, Two Laptops and a Desktop PC, 12 Channel Mixer, 12 Channel Snake located on the stage, 8 Microphones and Microphone Stands, Two Desktop Microphone Stands, Projector and Screen, Direct TV, Blue Ray Disc Player, DVD Player, CD Player, Itunes Music Library, Booth Microphone, Red Light and Digital Clock viewable from Stage, Electrical Outlets on Stage, On Site Technician Available by request. Ask for anything you need we probably have it or have done it!

Yoo Hoo Room: There is a rolling cart Sound station setup in the back of the room with a Laptop, Mixer, Video Camera and Flashlight and Red Light for Timing, there is a pull down screen and a projector in the room that is connected to the laptop.


Clothing required! Dress casual and comfortable.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: All ages welcome 18 + preferred for Night shows becuase of adult content.




102 E. Magnolia Blvd.| Burbank CA 91502

532 West First Street | Claremont | CA 91711

Phone: 818-845-9721 Fax: 818-841-6222

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